Dr. Aran’s research focuses on developing novel bio-microelectromechanical systems (BioMEMS) for research and clinical applications. She is especially interested in the integration of multiple engineering disciplines including electrical, mechanical, chemical, and bioengineering to create novel device solutions that address unmet clinical need. Current research topics includes developing microfluidic-based protein extraction module for investigation of age associated biomarkers, functionalized graphene for developing digital lab-on-a-chip (LOC)-based biosensors and developing oral or implantable drug delivery devices to improve delivery of biologics.



The Aran Lab’s biosensor research aims to develop novel methods utilizing a graphene-based field effect transistor to identify and capture target biological molecules for future clinical use. 


Advancements in modern medicine have greatly extended human life expectancy. However, the onset of age-associated conditions is becoming an increasingly pressing issue. New and innovative solutions are needed to improve the quality of life as our population ages. The Aran Lab aims to further study the intricacies of aging through the development of novel analysis and therapeutic platforms.

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Drug Delivery

The Aran Lab aims to characterize regional differences in healthy and diseased tissue and associated drug absorption. Our research works towards developing novel biosensor and microfluidics tools to better understand drug delivery and tissue parameters and developing an optimized targeted drug delivery platform to better provide therapeutics.