Scripps Spotlight on Alumnae: Recent Grads Create a Handheld Lab to Study Aging

“Since 1900, the percentage of Americans age 65 and over has more than tripled (from 4.1% in 1900 to 15.2% in 2016), with a total population projected to reach 98 million in 2060. As the population ages, the incidence of age-related health conditions also increases, and the need to identify and treat aging-related health conditions and biomarkers is ever more critical. Enter recent grads Sarah Balderston ’18 and Mandeep Sandhu ’18, who are part of the Keck Graduate Institute team, led by Assistant Professor of Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Kiana Aran, that has developed a palm-sized biosensor to gauge the effects of aging circulating biomarkers in the human body. The research group detailed their invention, called the Click-A+Chip, in the journal Lab on a Chip.”